Bio Protection Services introduces the Surface Protection Program

The Surface Protection Program is a complete system that attacks bio-contamination and cross-contamination in any facility. Bio-contamination is the condition that exists when surfaces are contaminated by germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, and other dangerous microbials. Cross contamination is what occurs when someone touches these contaminated surfaces, becomes a carrier and transfers them to another surface where the next person gets exposed to those germs.

The Surface Protection Program utilizes a safe biocide chemistry to break down and destroy the contaminants on the surface. Surfaces are next treated with a protectant that goes to work and kills all those contaminants that try to re-attach themselves to that surface. Both products we use are non-toxic and environmentally friendly which is very important as most disinfectants and chemicals used today to kill germs are very toxic and cause dangerous side effects.

Many germs and bacteria have mutated and become immune to the poisonous disinfectants rendering many disinfectants ineffective. This has led to the crisis we have now in the healthcare industry. Our products do not allow germs the opportunity to mutate because they electrically and mechanically kill the organisms, so there is no chance for the organism to mutate. They are dead before they realize what happened.

We apply the products with a very thorough system utilizing electrostatic spray technology which completely envelopes and coats anything in range of the sprayer assuring complete coverage- even those hard to reach surfaces.

So what does this mean for you?

This means that your workplace can be safer with less chance of catching something at work, your children can go to school and be more protected from other kid’s germs, your hospital stay can be less risky due to a reduced danger of picking up a hospital infection and many other benefits. Please let us know how we can assist your facility in maintaining a safe, clean and healthy environment.