Environmental and Restoration Services Biocide

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Remediation, decontamination and clean up jobs resulting from natural disasters, accidents, equipment failure or human error are often very technically demanding, time consuming, hazardous and laden with risk. An improperly remediated structure can be costly in several regards: the deterioration of the structure, damage from mold and health risk to occupants. Even after a successful remediation, there are often odor issues which can be stubbornly persistent. Many of the chemicals used to disinfect, kill mold and mildew and deodorize have hazardous components and deliver marginal or poor results. These materials can be responsible for VOC contamination which can cause a number of health problems.

SNiPER®ʼs revolutionary technology provides a unifying solution to the disparate threads of environmental restoration projects. It is the ideal remediation and maintenance tool, able to replace a wide array of cleaners, disinfectants and deodorizers; delivering better performance and protection while saving you money.

Mold Remediation

SNiPER® is ideal for mold remediation projects due to its ability to kill mold in all stages: vegetative, fruiting and spores. Also, because SNiPER® is non-harmful it is greatly effective in inactivating airborne spores and restoring a fresh, clean atmosphere to a remediated space.

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SNiPER® should be used in the event of flooding or water intrusion; as soon as the water has receded, or the leak has been stopped, and drying has been started. SNiPER® should be applied to all affected areas to prevent mold or mildew growth.


SNiPER® is a highly effective tool for dealing with sewage overflow or back flow. SNiPER® has a superior disinfecting ability in the presence of organic load.
SNiPER®ʼs ability to rapidly kill e.coli, salmonella, fecal coliform etc. and eliminate mercaptans, hydrogen sulfide, and other odor causing compounds make it the product of choice to remediate this difficult and unpleasant problem.


burned home

After a fire, many structures are still lost as a result of smoke damage to contents and building materials leaving a permeating odor which is next to impossible to remove. There is now an easy cost effective solution to this difficult problem. SNiPER® is the future of environmental restoration technology. SNiPER®ʼs unique formulation targets the volatile compounds created by fire. SNiPER® breaks down the molecular structure of the smoke deposits allowing the residue to be removed from drywall, furniture, wood floors, paneling, etc. In many cases, clothing, sheets, linens and other fabrics and washables can be saved as well.

Ideal odor removal- Skunk, cigarette, fumes, VOCs, Urnine, Feces & More

Bacterial infections, once confined to hospitals, are becoming a problem of epidemic proportions in the public sector today. Disinfectants which have traditionally maintained safety are increasingly ineffective as the organisms have developed a tolerance to their toxic effects. SNiPER®ʼs mode of disinfection guarantees that micro-organisms cannot develop a resistance. SNiPER®ʼs technology is combined with a surfactant package to create a powerful cleaning and disinfecting agent proven to destroy infection causing organisms and reduce infection rates.