Surface Protection Program

The Surface Protection Program from BioProtection Services offers a revolutionary new weapon in the battle against bacteria and germs in indoor environments.

One primary avenue for the spread of illness is cross-contamination, which occurs when a person touches a surface contaminated by germs, bacteria, mold or mildew, and then transfers those contaminants to another surface. Other people come behind and pick up these new contaminants, and the cycle continues.

The BioProtection Surface Protection Program breaks that cycle.

This revolutionary surface protection treatment utilizes a safe biocide chemistry to break down and destroy contaminants. Once these contaminants are eliminated, the next step in the surface protection program is the application of a protectant that forms a barrier, and destroys any new contaminants introduced to the surface.

The Surface Protection Program is ideal for hospitals, where hospital-acquired infections affect thousands of patients each year. Surface protection is also the perfect solution for other environments such as schools, day care facilities, nursing homes, restaurants, hotels, and even office buildings.

The process utilizes an electrostatic spray technology, which means even hard-to-reach places are covered.

All products used in our Surface Protection Program are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so the process is completely safe for everyone, even children and the elderly.

The Surface Protection Program from BioProtection means hospital stays can be less risky, children can be safer at school and day care, and workplaces can be healthier environments for employees and the public.

BioProtection Services is located in Friendswood, Texas, and serves the greater Houston area and surrounding communities.

Call us today at 832-477-6233, or use our contact form to see how our Surface Protection Program can make your Houston home or business safer and healthier.


What If I Already Have a Commercial Cleaning Service?

While commercial cleaning services keep things looking clean, the cleanest space isn’t always the most hygienic or disinfected.

Hand washing and conventional alcohol and other type disinfectant wipes are not effective against the hard to beat bacteria and disease laden germs present in your environments.

Case studies have been done which show that in order to keep any contact surface really disinfected, you’d have to spend 20 times what you are currently budgeting for cleaning supplies and have someone applying disinfectant every 7 minutes.

Our Surface Protection Program doesn’t compete with any cleaning service. We aren’t here to make your building or offices or restrooms simply look or smell clean. Our process takes clean to a much higher level and eliminates odors more effectively than other systems and products. Odors are nothing more than unwanted bacteria. We are here to ensure all the commonly-used contact surfaces are safe and secure from possible re-infection and contamination.

Our job and product-line is designed and proven to ensure that a space is as safe as possible to work in or walk through, to dramatically decrease the chance of you or your associates picking up any illness due to bacterial infestation from a surface someone else has just touched or used.

Part of our service will be to work with your staff to coordinate with our Surface Protection Program process. We want to help your cleaning staff or service be more efficient and get more done. We want to form a partnership.

It’s time to take that extra step and get your spaces tested and on a treatment program. Let our Surface Protection Program begin working for you. See how much safer your workspace can be. Feel free to contact us to get any information you need.